Slique Cattery

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Siamese & Oriental Cats

Welcome to Slique Cats, the home of quality Siamese & Oriental Cats. 

I first fell in love with the siamese breed at the age of 16. I had never even seen one of these lovely animals when a friend of my Nana's came to stay for a show in Napier. She brought with her the most beautiful cat that I had ever seen. She told me that he was a Siamese bluepoint. I was absolutely fascinated with this gorgeous pointed boy, I even went to my first cat show with her and discovered a whole new world of cats. They were there in force, all the colours of the rainbow, longhair and shorthair, but this boy was the most beautiful of all.  He came home with a BIS and a challenge. He came back the next year minus his owner by aeroplane for the show. I felt very proud presenting this boy at the show.  On my 18th birthday there arrived a surprise package, we went across to Napier and picked up a cage from the airport and in it was the most beautiful wee kitten I had ever seen. The best birthday present I have ever had I think. That wee boy started my lifelong  love affair with the Siamese breed.  I have never been tempted to breed any other type of cat, shorthair or longhair. I just love the personality and lovely looks of the Siamese.

We have been breeding for only a short time but have already had multi-best-in-show winners and Breeders Awards of Merit. We breed for personality, health and type.

All our kittens are registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc.

We occasionally have kittens for sale - please feel free to email me on or ring me on (09) 416 9809

We occasionally have ex-breeding queens for sale.